Tips to Hire the Best Caterer for Wedding and Other events

Whether you are planning your wedding or throwing a party, hiring the best caterer in town has to be your top priority. However, the task of finding a catering company that fits your budget and needs is rather challenging.

Wedding Caterers  in MarylandCatering At Your Door is here to simplify the task of hiring a caterer for you with this simple guide. Keep following points in mind to find & hire the catering firm best suited for you:

List your requirements

Do you want a caterer that has mastery over multiple cuisines or require someone that can take care of décor, music and staff along with food? Create a list of things that you cannot compromise with and also things that you can manage without. Also think about the preferences of your guests. This will help you in eliminating unsuited caterers.

Research offline & online

If you want the best caterer for your wedding or event, then, you have to spare some hours. First, ask your friends & family about caterers they have hired and found satisfactory. Second, take your research online by simply searching caterers in your region on Google. Create a rough list of caterers that qualify your minimum requirements.

Check official website

Now is the time to really dig deep. Visit website of every catering service provider and check catering experience, menus, packages, and other offerings. Going through the website will give you all the details caterer wants you to know about. This will shorten the list you created in the second step.

Check reviews & social profiles

Now that you know what caterers want you to know, it’s time to find out what they definitely don’t want you to discover. Check local review sites for negative feedback about the company. Also go through its social media profiles to check out images of events managed by the company.

By the end of this point, you will be left with only handful of catering service providers.

Meet in person

It’s time to talk in person and arrange a meeting to crosscheck the claims made online as well as offline. Meet the chef and learn about his approach, experience, and team. Ask whether food is prepared at the venue or not. Enquire about other services on offer like bar, rentals and décor. Arrange a menu tasting session with the caterers that you like the best.

Figure out taxes & put it on paper

Before making any upfront payment, make sure you enquire about taxes related to catering services. Request a breakdown for every service and additional costs involved. Put all the details in a contract and seal the deal.

It works best if catering firm is familiar with the venue as it helps avoid violation of venue rules and additional costs. It goes without saying that you should hire a local name to get the best service and support.

Pay attention to above points and you will definitely find the best catering service provider in your region. In case you are hosting a celebration or corporate event in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, Catering At Your Door is here to help you with every detail.

Call 240-328-5071 or get in touch for best catering packages and offers.


About Catering At Your Door

Catering At Your Door plans backyard barbeque, weddings, corporate events, family celebrations, and other social events in Maryland, Virginia, & Washington D.C
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