Tips to plan a menu for your wedding event in Maryland

One of the most thoughtful processes in planning a wedding is the food menu. Everyone has a different taste and you as the host have to make sure that your guests find the food finger-licking good. Maryland,‎ Virginia & Washington or wherever you are, we know it can be hard to finalize the wedding menu. It is tough to decide the beverages and starters; you might be confused between sit down lunch/dinner or a buffet. Then deciding about the different food stations and desserts is also not an easy task. To help you out in the process of planning an excellent menu for your wedding, we have listed the main factors which need your consideration.


  • The starting point: Know who your guests are and what food do they like:

The first step which will help you decide the menu is by considering your guest list. You might be having a count for total number of people but counting their average age will help you decide the type of food they might like. Youngsters and elders have different food choices, so make sure you go according to their taste.

  • Number of appetizers:

Number of appetizers in your menu is another tricky question. While it entirely depends on your budget but if you ask us the average number of appetizers in a wedding menu, then we would suggest you to keep a minimum of 4 different starters.

  • Consider the season:

Do not forget to pay attention to the current season at the time of your wedding and try including seasonal options in your menu. Ask your catering company to provide you with seasonal menus. It will not only be a favorite among your guests but will also save you money.

  • Pay attention to the venue:

Deciding between a buffet and a sit-down lunch/dinner needs your attention towards the venue. Paying a visit to the venue to have a look will give you the best idea. You can also ask your wedding planner or the booking manager of your wedding venue to show you some pictures of recently hosted events. This will help you decide the type of lunch/dinner for your wedding.

  • List priorities along with budget:

While making your wedding menu list, do not limit yourself to only the chosen items. If you plan to serve 5 appetizers, then we would recommend you to add 7 or 8 to your planning list so that you are able to make a final choice considering the budget and other factors.

Here are some pre-made customized wedding menus in pdf format which are worth your attention. Check them out here: These menus have been prepared by Catering at Your Door Team in Maryland, ‎Virginia and Washington.

Still confused about your wedding menu? We are here to give you professional advice that suits your budget and makes your event a memorable one.

Call us at: 240-328-5071Caterers Maryland
Visit us here:

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Affordable Wedding & Event Catering Services in MD, VA & DC

Throwing a party or planning a luncheon is no longer a hassle for families and businesses in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC. Catering At Your Door has made professional catering services affordable in Bethesda, Vienna, Chevy Chase,Laurel, Baltimore, Fairfax, Leesburg, Glenn Dale, Manassas, Arlington, Bowie, Falls Church, Damascus, Alexandria, Gaithersburg, Herndon, Potomac, Chantilly, Mclean, Silver Spring, Reston, Tysons Corner, Rockville, Damascus. Affordable catering Maryland

Browse our list of exotic menus or create a unique one for your special event. The team of event planners is known for its friendly staff and impeccable service. Call us at 240-328-5071 & Visit for Affordable catering services in MD, VA & Washington DC.

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Inexpensive Catering Services in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.

Mouthwatering food doesn’t mean paying a huge catering bill. This is especially true of families and businesses in  Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Catering At Your Door is a local catering agency that has made professional catering services inexpensive in the region. Call 240-328-5071 to arrange superb food and staff service for your backyard barbeque, birthday bash, or any other celebration.

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The best wedding planner & caterer at affordable prices in Maryland, Virginia & DC

When it comes to hosting an event for family and friends or a wedding, you as the host would always want to make it a special one. So special that its memories are cherished by everyone for a long time to come. But does that mean shelling out a huge amount of money for the best wedding planner and caterer in Maryland? If you think that quality comes at a price, then it is true that you have still not tried the services of ‘Catering At Your Door’ – The best yet affordable catering service in Maryland area of Virginia.

10155575_507392282695500_967155199470857987_nWhatever type of event you may be having – private, corporate, wedding, a birthday, a family get-together or just anything; team ‘Catering At Your Door’ will make sure that you be a guest in your own event. Our professional team has the ability to handle everything right from the planning part to the final event day. We love what we do and that is why we serve with smile. Our affordable catering has made us a favourite among many residents of Maryland, Virginia. Apart from this, we have got huge appreciation and recognition as an excellent yet cheap wedding planner in Washington DC as well as Maryland.

Our special brunch, supper and dinner menus will impress you for sure. Further, we can even provide you with Crepe Stations, Pasta Bars, Fajita Stations, Fresh Fruit Smoothie Bars etc. that too within your budget.

Book us to feel the difference. We serve Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC areas. Visit & Call us at 240-328-5071 to know our availability for your event date along with our affordable packages.

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Affordable Catering and Event planner in Washington DC

Planning a celebration but not sure about the catering part? Catering At Your Door is here to answer your every catering query, and help plan a memorable event. It is counted amongst the most trusted catering companies in Washington D.C for private parties, social functions and corporate events. Visit to check out menus or call 240-328-5071 to discuss your event.

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Affordable Catering Services in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC

Family celebrations should be fun but it ends up becoming an exhausting task for hosts. Catering At Your Door has made catering services affordable so that you can enjoy with your guests and have the time of your life. Whether you are throwing a barbeque party or planning a family gathering, we will help you with every detail.

Catering services Virginia

Visit & Call 240-328-5071 for catering service in Maryland, Virginia and Washington.

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Tips to Hire the Best Caterer for Wedding and Other events

Whether you are planning your wedding or throwing a party, hiring the best caterer in town has to be your top priority. However, the task of finding a catering company that fits your budget and needs is rather challenging.

Wedding Caterers  in MarylandCatering At Your Door is here to simplify the task of hiring a caterer for you with this simple guide. Keep following points in mind to find & hire the catering firm best suited for you:

List your requirements

Do you want a caterer that has mastery over multiple cuisines or require someone that can take care of décor, music and staff along with food? Create a list of things that you cannot compromise with and also things that you can manage without. Also think about the preferences of your guests. This will help you in eliminating unsuited caterers.

Research offline & online

If you want the best caterer for your wedding or event, then, you have to spare some hours. First, ask your friends & family about caterers they have hired and found satisfactory. Second, take your research online by simply searching caterers in your region on Google. Create a rough list of caterers that qualify your minimum requirements.

Check official website

Now is the time to really dig deep. Visit website of every catering service provider and check catering experience, menus, packages, and other offerings. Going through the website will give you all the details caterer wants you to know about. This will shorten the list you created in the second step.

Check reviews & social profiles

Now that you know what caterers want you to know, it’s time to find out what they definitely don’t want you to discover. Check local review sites for negative feedback about the company. Also go through its social media profiles to check out images of events managed by the company.

By the end of this point, you will be left with only handful of catering service providers.

Meet in person

It’s time to talk in person and arrange a meeting to crosscheck the claims made online as well as offline. Meet the chef and learn about his approach, experience, and team. Ask whether food is prepared at the venue or not. Enquire about other services on offer like bar, rentals and décor. Arrange a menu tasting session with the caterers that you like the best.

Figure out taxes & put it on paper

Before making any upfront payment, make sure you enquire about taxes related to catering services. Request a breakdown for every service and additional costs involved. Put all the details in a contract and seal the deal.

It works best if catering firm is familiar with the venue as it helps avoid violation of venue rules and additional costs. It goes without saying that you should hire a local name to get the best service and support.

Pay attention to above points and you will definitely find the best catering service provider in your region. In case you are hosting a celebration or corporate event in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, Catering At Your Door is here to help you with every detail.

Call 240-328-5071 or get in touch for best catering packages and offers.

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Plan a Dream Wedding with Professional Caterers in Maryland

Wedding is the most special occasion in a couple’s life, and we make it unforgettable with our professional catering services. Catering At Your Door makes weddings memorable in Maryland with excellent food and impeccable service.

Wedding Caterers in Maryland
The local team of caterers is known for preparing wedding feasts that are truly mouthwatering and irresistibly tempting. Call 240-328-5071 for information about menus, catering packages, and staff related queries. Visit website to learn more about Catering At Your Door.

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Highway Safety Tips from Maryland Administration

Snow storms and strong winds are the bane of winters. This calls for extra care and precaution while you travel on highways and roads. To help you stay safe this winter, Catering At Your Door is sharing snowy winter tips from Maryland State Highway Administration.


Highway Safety Tips from Maryland Administration

Here are some tips shared by local authority of Maryland:

  • Drive careful across bridges, ramps and overpasses. They freeze first and become prone to accidents.
  • Prepare your vehicle for winter by arranging a mechanic check
  • Carry winter survival driving kit and food supplies while starting on a long trip
  • Visit for current travel information
  • Check weather updates before starting your journey

Visit to check out complete list of winter safety tips from Maryland State Highway Administration.

Stay warm this winter!

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Pick ‘Catering At Your Door’ For Weddings And Local Events in Maryland

Caterers in Maryland

Catering At Your Door is a Maryland based catering & event planning company that provides huge collection of menus & catering services in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D .C. We are engaged in catering services for decades and have been providing highly skilled and creative staff along with best food. Our team of experts is proficient in all arrangements for up to 3000 guests. The professionals associated with understand clients’ requirements first and make all the preparations for parties or events accordingly.

Event Caterers in Maryland
Catering At Your Door has notable experience of handling different events, parties and occasions systematically. Our catering menu includes a wide range of finger-licking pasta bars, Barbecue, fajita stations, fresh fruit smoothie bars, desserts and many other delicacies and all these fall within your catering budget too.

Make your wedding, day parties & balls unforgettable with interactive presentations from our chefs. visit: Or Call 240-328-5071 to discuss your event with local caterers of Maryland.

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